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Adventures in Nodeland by Matteo Collina - Issue #5

Matteo Collina
Matteo Collina
Hi Everyone! I’ve started a newsletter to share my thoughts on technology, the advancements of Node.js and to keep all of you up-to-date of what I’m working on. This newsletter might be weekly, biweekly or monthly… we’ll see how it evolves in the coming months.

We have started preparing the new major version of fast-json-stringify for the upcoming [email protected] release. As of now we have dropped the support for “long” and updated it to the new [email protected] (and soon 8).
The massive update to [email protected] continues! We have ported a few repos.. but many are yet to come! If you would like to help, we have many more repos to port and plenty of good-first-issues at
Manuel Spigolon
@fastifyjs #Tips: do you know that you may register one single hook or many for a single route? #NodeJS
Pino is the one of fastest loggers for Node.js… and we are working heavily on [email protected], a new major version that will bring significant benefits:
  1. pino will support in-process transport, leveraging worker_threads; using worker_threads and specific synchronization logic allows us to implement them safely, preventing uncontrolled memory growth, as well as at high performance, as all the synchronization logic is extremely fast.
  2. pino will ship the capability of having multiple desination streams (see, internalizing the work logic that was once present in pino-multi-stream.
Combining the new transports with multiple streams will enable metter deployment logic for all the teams across the globe that rely on pino.
A few months back James Snell and myself had the chance to interview Kent C. Dodds - one of the most influential trainers in our community:
Our latest episode of #OpenHivejs - the podcast for all things #JavaScript is now available. Hosts @jasnell & @matteocollina chat with @kentcdodds - world-renowned speaker, trainer & creator of Epic React and Testing Javascript.

On the 20th and 21st of April I will speak at RedisConf 2021: Check out the following video where I present my session:
Matteo Collina
I'm so excited that I will speak at #RedisConf2021 on how to get the maximum speed out of Redis and @nodejs by using auto pipelining!
I usually find real-world example of solving common problem very useful, and I study them closely. This is an article on how GitHub rate-limit their API using Redis:
More people use more and more of my modules every day and they are part of my journey in Nodeland. Thank you.
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Matteo Collina
Matteo Collina @matteocollina

I write about my journey as a core contributor of Node.js, as an author and a maintainer of many modules - including Fastify and Pino. In addition, I speak at conferences, and I will add links to all my talks in case you missed one.

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