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[email protected] is approaching... and other Adventures in Nodeland - Issue #38

Matteo Collina
Matteo Collina
Hi Everyone, as you read this I’m going to take a few days off with my family to recharge. You might or not find an “Adventures in Nodeland” edition in your Inbox next week - mostly dependent on how much time I would have.
This edition includes quite a bit of new releases and code that you might want to check out!

There was a significant release of Mercurius last week and it’s a patch release. In 8.10.0 we have introduced a new feature related to error handling.. and unfortunately we have introduced a significant regression that could cause process crashes on unwanted inputs. This release fixes it/
Release v8.11.2 · mercurius-js/mercurius · GitHub
We have also shipped a new release of mercurius-cache that introduce an API to continuously log how many caches hit and miss happened during the observation period. Check it out:
Release v0.11.0 · mercurius-js/cache · GitHub
I did not have much rest as I started to work on [email protected], removing quite a big chunk of functionality from pino itself: the prettifier. We deprecated this in v7, and now it’s time to remove them completely.
Remove deprecated API and options in v7 option. by mcollina · Pull Request #1249 · pinojs/pino · GitHub
It is possible that [email protected] will have a shorter lifecycle than what we usually done because Node v12 is coming out of support next April.
We are actively working on [email protected] and we have decided to remove the “default” implementation of .use with the intent of discourage the use of middlewares:
Thanks to a group of new collaborators, we have started working on a new website for Fastify based on docusaurus. Check it out:
GitHub - fastify/website-next
Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 6: Choosing web frameworks | Red Hat Developer
In this above Beth Griggs unveils IBM approach in selecting a Web Framework for your next API, comparing them across different criteria. This is very interesting work that I highly recommend everybody to read.
On similar notes, the next piece about why Developer Experience and Developer Relations go hand-in-hand resonated well with me - this is something that might be of huge interested to you too:
Redefining Developer Experience: Why DX is the New DevRel
Have you ever thought about using a Micro-Frontend architecture? You probably shouldn’t unless you have a pressing need… and in that case they are amazing. Read this article to know more about when to use micro-frontends patterns.
The Risks of Micro-Frontends
HashiCorp has recently released cdktf, a new library that will enable developers to use the knowledge learnt from using AWS CDK to produce Terraform. This is incredibly interesting as I find CDK much more readable than Terraform.
If you have not heard of Vite, you have been missing on one of the major forces that are revolutionising how we develop frontend applications. There is a major ecosystem building up - see for yourself:
The Vite Ecosystem
I do not understand much of CSS, however this new library deeply resonates with me as it does not require any special tooling to be used. Check it out:
At the end I’m covering one of the most-awaited features in Github Actions (my CI of choice): Dependabot Secrets. Read up:
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Matteo Collina
Matteo Collina @matteocollina

I write about my journey as a core contributor of Node.js, as an author and a maintainer of many modules - including Fastify and Pino. In addition, I speak at conferences, and I will add links to all my talks in case you missed one.

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