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Fastify v4.0.0-rc.3 and other Adventures in Nodeland - Issue #60

Matteo Collina
Matteo Collina
Hi Folks, last week I have been traveling to Dublin to see some of my colleagues at Nearform and I had less time for OSS. Anyway this edition features quite a bit of releases and insightful news.

Panel: State of Node.js
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This week in Fastify has seen less releases, as we are finalizing the last tricky updates for Fastify v4. The most important one is the new version of Fastify router, which improves performance on several key use cases. Check them out:
What are the building blocks of Next.js? How would you build it? Read up Jonas Galvez article:
Back in 2012 I was debating if the mobile world would be of Web or Native apps. It took almost 10 years to get there, but finally it’s ok: if kids won’t complain using a web app, neither would you. Read up the full article:
I Replaced My Native iOS App with a Cross-Platform Web App and No One Noticed
I have been following the growing support for SQLite across the industry and I’m incredibly thrilled to see CloudFlare shipping a database built on top of SQLite! Impressive feat. Read up the full article, which is full very insightful details:
Announcing D1: our first SQL database
  • This Week in React: the best of React & React Native news. Sebastien filters the noise, and you save time!
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Matteo Collina
Matteo Collina @matteocollina

I write about my journey as a core contributor of Node.js, as an author and a maintainer of many modules - including Fastify and Pino. In addition, I speak at conferences, and I will add links to all my talks in case you missed one.

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